Innovator, writer and public speaker.


This is me.

Photo: Iwa Herdensjö & Tekla Severin

Where innovation meets inclusion and social impact.

One idea can change the world, so how come only a few lucky ones have the tools to make it happen? Every non-realised idea, that could solve a local or a global problem, is a loss for us all. Through inclusion businesses are able to find new talent, we build a more sustainable and progressive society, while everybody gets the same chance to make their ideas come to life.

I am the founder of Changers Hub, an innovation hub for young people living in non-privileged areas in Stockholm. I am also a key-note speaker, innovation advisor and board member.

My job is to create innovation together with people and businesses. And my way to contribute to our future is to make those innovations valuable for everybody; for the user, for the business and, of course, for our society and world.