Selected cases with other brands

CASE: siduri x ADIDAS

SoMe campaign for HSB

SoMe campaign for HSB

Ambassador and the face on the national football team’s shirts. Hand picked by the national football team. The collab inlcuded being an ambassador for female empowerment, have her face on the national football team’s shirt and sing the swedish national anthem on field in front of 30.000 people before the game between Sweden and Germany.

Premiered on field April 6 and got international publicity very quick. The news blew up more when FIFA eventually made the shirts forbidden.

Case: siduri x HSB

Social media-campaign increasing awareness of the Swedish housing market for young people. HSB is a cooperative organisation owned by 624.000 members, operating in property development and management owning 4000 homes all across Sweden.

The collab included several Instagram posts and stories about Siduri’s story towards her first home, hacks on how to do it and raising awareness about the housing issue.

Advisor, investor & board member

Investor, board- & advisory member to several tech- and consumer brands start-ups. More info regarding investments will be up on the site soon.