Who is siduri?

An award-winning serial entrepreneur who knows how innovation and new technologies must be linked to democracy and inclusion if we want to go forward. Siduri is a co-founder of one of Sweden's largest and most important entrepreneur hubs, Changers Hub, with over 1200 members and two spots in Stockholm. The aim is to democratize success and enable young people in marginalised areas to succeed with their start-up ideas. She is also an international keynote speaker who’s done two TEDx-talks and have hold speeches for over 15000 people only in 2018.

Siduri has been awarded to Digital Inspirer of The Year by IDG and CIO Sweden, one of the Super Talents of the Year in the category "society builders" by Veckans Affärer, Future's Most Powerful by TCO, Newcomer of The Year by Shortcut, among others.