Siduri Poli has a background as a tech expert for some of Sweden's largest media outlets, as well as a long history in the start-up industry as a co-founder and digital business developer. She is frequently seen on national TV and newspapers. She is running multiple companies and initiatives, with the goal to create a better world with tech, creativity and social change.


Siduri’s own creative lab. In Half human, half connected, she is exploring, reflecting, speaking and writing about how new technology changes us, and how we can create change thru new technology. And about the generation being stuck in between the old and the new, digital era.

Keynote Speaking

Siduri is frequently booked for national and international stages talking about our society regarding innovations, new technology, inclusion, democracy, entrepreneurship and positive social impact. Siduri lectures on what she is passionate about; the potential of digitization and to create a more democratic and sustainable society. Lectures are tailored to ensure relevance and value. Siduri has spoken at big events such as; Nobel Prize official breakfast, Women in Tech, Börshajen, European Cities Marketing and TEDx Umeå and TEDx Lund. In 2018 Siduri had a total of 15.000 people in the audiences.


We are open to hear what we can do together, such as SOME-campaigns, advisory and other types of collabs. Among many clients; Adidas, The Swedish Agency for Government Employers, the British Embassy in Stockholm, Prime PR Agency, Gather Innovation Festival, etc.

-> Mishmash

We are much more than a work title. MISHMASH helps you get cash for every single talent you’ve got. In the same way you help somebody else’s busy schedule to get things done. Apply for the beta now! Siduri is a co-founder and owner of MISHMASH.


Co-founder, owner and president of change imperium Changers World, including operations below.

-> Changers Hub

Two entrepreneur hubs in Stockholm: 350sm in Botkyrka and 220sm in Sturekvarteret.  Besides an open and free co-working space this hub also offers a layer of new knowledge, inspirational role models and networking opportunities. The goal is to create a more equal society where all young people no matter name, address, gender or origin have the same chance to succeed with their ideas. Changers Hub started late 2015 and has been growing rapidly. Today Changers Hub has over 1500 members which makes it one of the biggest hub's in Sweden.

-> Changers Stories

Personal, inspirational and a very offline lecture-concept allowing the audience to hear the real story behind success.

-> Changers Academy

Different leadership and management courses for businesses who wants to evolve and be better regarding digitalisation and inclusion.

-> Social Recycling

A method in how to involve and engage young citizens living inside, and outside, of society. A study that will turn into a book 2020.

ted talk 1

Ted Talk 2