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Siduri Poli is a multifaceted and acclaimed technology expert and entrepreneur with a strong determination to create a better future for all. Her efforts as a co-founder of Changers Hub have resulted in providing young people from all walks of life with the opportunity to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Siduri's journey began as a journalist and technology expert, and since then, she has become a renowned business leader and innovator. Recognized as one of Sweden's most promising entrepreneurs, she is a sought-after international speaker. Through her speeches and initiatives, Siduri Poli is changing how we perceive digitization and its potential to shape a democratic and sustainable future.


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In her engaging keynotes, Siduri Poli tailors topics to the audience's preferences. She is an expert in subjects that include exploring how technology impacts us and the possibilities of creating change through technology. Addressing societal generation gaps in the digital era, the future of democratic and innovative societies, what the internet can teach us about life, and how to harness the opportunities of digitization to build a more democratic and sustainable world. The length of her lectures can be customized to meet the needs and preferences of the audience


harnessing the opportunities that digitization brings to create a more democratic and sustainable society


Siduri Poli's speaking style is inspiring and engaging, leaving no one in the audience untouched


The keynotes are tailored to ensure relevance and value for your team

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Siduri Poli's mission: Digital innovation for inclusive entrepreneurship

Siduri Poli is a prominent technology expert, entrepreneur, and social change advocate with a passion for digital innovation. As a co-founder of Changers Hub, she works to provide young people from marginalized areas the opportunity to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. With an impressive background in journalism, technology, and multiple awards, Siduri is known for her inspiring lectures on digitization and inclusion. She has delivered TEDx talks and received several accolades, including "Digital Influencer of the Year." Siduri Poli is a force to be reckoned with in shaping a democratic and sustainable future through technology.


TEDx - A Changers Story

One idea can change the world but only a few have the right network, inspiration and knowledge to make that happen. The party of success and innovation has a limited and strict guest list. But every idea that could lead to positive change and is not being realized, is a loss for us all.


TEDx - Why it has never been harder to be human

In this eye-opening, emotional and poetic talk Siduri continues to inspire when diving into how it's like to be a human stuck in between two era's; the digital and offline one. And also what we need more than ever when looking forward.



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